The Role of Dopamine

Note from the author: My cats did the drawings

Hi! I’m a neurotransmitter; there are plenty of us working in your body as messengers.

And I am dopamine! I send two messages to your brain:

  • control your emotions (behave like the rest of the human kind, according to the rules of society)
  • do that thing! (that thing you wanna do, like doing the dishes! do it now! because you want to!)

In ADHD brains, the science guys say that we (the dopamine team) are all over the place (sort of speak) So, people with ADHD have difficulties with: behaving like the rest of the flock, and “just do” stuff.

I am also responsible for your feelings of:

  • pleasure
  • reward

So, ADHD brains need to find new things! happy things! In a constant and unavoidable pursue of pleasure and reward.

Bare in mind that…

  • ADHD is not an illness; it is a Neurodiversity
  • Its annoying symptoms can be managed or treated (all these brain need is a boost of dopamine… and love, and happiness)
  • It has good symptoms too! It comes with, for instance, a superpower called “hyperfocus;” and with enhanced senses… (OMG!)
  • It can happen in brains of any age and race (as long as they are human brains, as far as we know)

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