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On Earth Day: The Truth Behind the Covid-19 Outbreak

April 23, 2020

A few days ago I realized April 22, “Earth Day”, was just around the corner and two things hit me: one, I realized how lost I was in this timeless quarantine where every single day – unless it rains – feels exactly the same; and two, I recalled I was going to be in New York celebrating the 50th Earth Day, taking pictures in the Central Park and feeding from the energy of thousands of people who feel like I do… 

I really need that…

And I got to thinking how sad it was that “I” was not going to be able to celebrate this day; that “we” who have been planning to do so were ripped off by the COVID-19 outbreak… But then…, “Isn’t she, our Pachamama, better off without us?”

Since the quarantine started, I’ve been keeping track of different topics to write in these chronicles; and “nature’s response” was one of those. The first day I started collecting articles was when I read about the waters coming clearer in Venice; how wonderful, right? In Argentina, a Rufescent Tiger-Heron was spotted walking the streets of a neighborhood as if it were its own; in Buenos Aires, pollution dropped a 50% due to the lack of traffic; in Africa, lions rest on the road… 

Earth is blooming… And I believe she is happy…

Also during those first days of the quarantine, I couldn’t keep Greta Thunberg out of my head; that girl – beyond the remarkable labor she’s been doing to raise awareness on climate change – spent fifteen days on a boat just to set an example on the importance of reducing emissions… and then, boom: Covid-19 pandemic, quarantine, message received. 

Last year some people started saying she was a time traveler, because a picture of her doppelgänger from the 1880’s had been found and gone viral; they were saying, “she came to deliver a message, she came to save us.” And, I believe it’s true. I believe she is a time traveler and that – after seeing Trump’s face – she sneaked into the woods of the Central Park, found the magical log and inserted a message (written in recycled paper) which read: “It’s a no-go for plans A and B; set the curse for plan ‘C-19’. Sorry.”

Denis Hayes, who coordinated the first Earth Day in 1970, wrote an essay for the Seattle Times from which we can learn a lot about this day; but he wrote that the “COVID-19 robbed us of Earth Day this year” and I don’t feel like him… I don’t feel robbed… I believe Earth had its happiest day for the first time since we started celebrating her.

Our Pachamama has been watching us grow for over two million of years – according to the cool guys – but for the past two hundred years (since the industrial revolution) I believe she has been building up… a grudge. And she is like, “Children, seriously? Play with your science toys all you want but fucking PICK THEM UP after your done.” She’s had it.

In case you were seeking for a “bright side” or a “higher for purpose or explanation” for this pandemic, here is the answer: we’re being grounded by our Pachamama… All carefully planned…

Mothers may look forward for a big party on a 50th anniversary but in this case, this mom wanted a day off and said: “Seriously kids; no party this year; I’m the one who always end up doing the cleaning; wanna give me a gift? Stay inside and behave, for once. And it won’t harm you to do some thinking while you’re at it.”

Laly York. B.Ed. Lawyer. Writer / Researcher. ADHD advocate
Developer and author of the blogs "Neurodivergent", "NKOTB" and "Laly's."

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