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Sound the Pots!

May 7, 2020

Ha! I knew it! I won’t be this happy in a few days but, right now, I got that feeling (?.. inside my bones?)… It feels so good to be right. Do you remember when I started this series and I mentioned how I got ready for the quarantinebefore it hasen’t even started? I bought “food for my cats; mayonnaise, cigarettes and yerba mate.” Guess what’s missing? Take a guess on what the whole country lacks completely?

Not yerba mate; Argentinians could have a collective stroke if we’d ran out of yerba. “Cigarettes,” ladies and gents; there are no more cigarettes in Argentina. While other countries made sure to have supply of this kind venom so that people wouldn’t be out in the streets breaking the quarantine – and instead kill their lungs slowly in the comfort of their homes – Argentina said, “Stop the fabrication! We’re going to lose 700 million pesos per day in taxes, but who-cares! This industry goes to quarantine too!”

You gotta love this country… If by some miracle one founds a package, it’s going to be some mentholated cigs with a strawberry twist. Some have even found people selling packs at 500 hundred pesos, when a Marlboro – for instance – costs around 160; and, of course, what happens when people don’t find what they want? “They do contraband.”[1]

I still have a little stash, but my sanity won’t last long enough…

Quick recap: all activities where shut down on March 16; the quarantine started on March 20 and it has been extended three times, giving the people a few freedoms here and there in some provinces. In the meantime, the government (sorry, “someone” from the government) overpaid for goods that were going to be destined to people in need[2], and kept the change (duh!); prisoners have asked to do their quarantines at their homes – by taking over a prison [3]– and yesterday people in charge of food pantries marched and gathered in Buenos Aires because no one knows where the food is.


And that, is barely the beginning. I hadn’t mentioned this issues yet because, in all honesty, it’s just too much for my heart… A bakery shop that was going to help its neighbors (with milk and food, I believe) was robbed; a young man working as a delivery man in his motorcycle, was killed in a hit and run… And some judges released some of the prisoners… and one of these criminals bit up his wife as soon as he got out… And all I can think of is that no pandemic is going to kill the evil in this world…

Nothing has changed… We are simply inside… watching the madness on the news, “TikToking” to pass the time and waiting for the Fallons on You Tube every night.

About the prisoners? What did we do? “The people”. We made our pots sound!  Yup. That’s what we do to complain. We go out to our balconies or to the streets with our pots, and we hit on them with spoons to make some noise. Time for pasta or democracy? I say “Buy Reggianito cheese and chill, ladies and gents”

And I-am-SO annoyed with my desktop chair. You see, it’s ten years old and its wheels broke, so I taped them… ergo, I’m scratching the nice wooden floor in my office every time I get up. Could I buy a new one online? Nope. I need to try it; while women try on clothes, I try on chairs, pens and desktops.

I’ve got another desktop chair but one of its screws got missing; it looks brand new and I remember it was so comphy! So, I thought, “I’m gonna fix it!” I cleaned it and turned it upside down to check the kind of screw I’d need to buy and, oh-my-god: the screw was there. When did I get it? Why did I stop using this chair?

I realized all the screws were a little lose so I tighten them up, and I tried the chair. As it turns out, my BIG FAT ASS is what’s making the chair shake when I sit down on it.

I baked chocolate brownies and ate them with protein shakes, for two days; for two days, I ate nothing but that. That’s how I handled the issue.

“I want to do nothing, think about nothing, worry about nothing” I said to myself the other day; so, I dusted off my PS2 to do some therapy by killing creatures. My PS3 burned out after the power shut down in the city a few months ago, so the PS2 is all I have; it and the silliest games you can imagine. But who cares, right? I wanted to do nothing, think about nothing, worry about nothing; so, I put the “Kingdom Hearts” game on.

Kingdom Hearts – by Disney – is about a little fella who loses his friends and starts travelling across different worlds to find them, while killing demons on his way. I recalled having played this game over ten years ago (probably?) and feeling it was sweet… A smooth diversion one may say. So I put it on. Yes!

First chapter: “Choose.” Among three weapons, one must choose two and sacrifice one; this choice is what builds up the character. What were the choices? What were the choices when I wanted to do nothing, think about nothing, worry about nothing? What were the choices when my ADHD brain sees “options” and runs the other way and when it sees “existentialism” issues and goes gaga? Here:

“Sacrifice one”… Bare that in mind…

I baked more brownies. The chair is killing me. But, hey, I still have my little sweet smokes.


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