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The One About the Horse, Racism and Two Weeks Without my Mother

May 28, 2020

I can’t catch up. Either I do this daily or I surrender; because as long as there a “horse loose in the Hospital”, as the wise John Mulaney pointed, bombs of insanity will keep exploding amid the coronavirus quarantine and I won’t be able to organize my thoughts the way I’d like to.

Yesterday, after almost a month of that wall I hit when my mother regretted being my mother (for real) and which put me on hold, I was going to come back with a new chronicle; but, I had to add a reflection on the absurd, irrational and disgusting video that went viral the day before: a white woman called the cops on an African American man because he was advising her to follow the law; his sister posted the video on Twitter.

… You know, when I found a cockroach inside my house, I lead them outside (most of the times) so I won’t have to kill them; but when I see displays of racism, it makes me wanna punch people in the FACE. So, of course, yesterday I got stuck rambling on this woman’s behaviour… whom, but the way, tried to strangle her dog.

I call it quits, closed my notebook and opened Twitter only to found out that – also on Monday – an African American man, George Floyd (say his name!) was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis. There is a video of him saying “I can’t breath”… I didn’t watch it…Nor I will… I know I could mourn for a month if I do so.

I can’t go deeper on this today but I had to mentioned it; those children of the future I think about, must know that while the human kind was trying to survive a pandemic we were still killing each other out of ignorance and irrational hate.

And the horse! God bless his soul (if he has one) … Twitter has implemented a while ago, a way to detect fake information published on the platform; below those tweets, we can now find an alert and a link to a trusted source. So, what happened? The horse got an alert on two of his tweets regarding the Mail-in Ballots and he had a meltdown.

Will someone explain to him that “Free Speech” and “will not allow it” don’t quite fit in the same sentence? I offered him a cookie… He didn’t take it.

That’s what’s happening these days; but on April 24 the same horse had already suggested we should inject ourselves with bleach to fight back the coronavirus[1] . “Bleach;” the one product we all know we shouldn’t put not even near our mouths and which still comes with a label advising us not to drink it!

That day I started to get sick of the whole situation; I mean the dos and don’ts the media talk about, the stats and the conspiracy theories.

And on a personal note, a few days later I was still trying to make my parents understand what the quarantine was doing to my ADHD and how much I needed them to be careful with their words and actions, which were stressing me out turning the Methylphenidate into a bomb in my brain….

But they didn’t want to listen… and in a conversation, the Wicked Witch of Santa Fe went too far… And I hit the wall… I had to decide to stop talking to her, for good… And I started taking a break.

Then, I turned into that weird psycho old lady of the block, which of course have cats and since she “has no man” she needs a bang. I heard something like “Breaking News: If You Get a Hangnail and Sings of COVID-19, You Could Be Human”. As it turns out, now there is a new inflammatory condition in children that could be linked to coronavirus.[2]

Is that for real? I’m just asking because just a few weeks ago we were finding out that the virus could be in the air; so I did the neighborly thing and spread the knowledge among my neighbors… That is, the two I know.

The other week on Saturday morning, as I was entering my car to the garage (coming back from doing the groceries), the woman who lives in front of my house was playing on the street with her teenage girl and their new dog. While I was closing the gate, I saw the girl running towards the corner with the dog; so I approached her mother and whispered to her, “It’s in the air… shsh… don’t let your child hear, but it’s in the air…”

Thenon Sunday, the news said “Outdoor living is safer, in part, because even a breeze helps dilute the virus quickly.”[3]  Like, seriously? I’m out!

So, yes: I’m writing chronicles on a personal blog and I took a break. I reached level 31 on Kingdom Hearts and that was the highlight of my past weeks. The world outside my house seems pretty normal by now; I got used to see people in masks, to wear a mask myself and to use a pair of “street shoes” I keep next to my door. In fact, when I went to do the groceries, I realized I was not noticing the masks.

Gabriela, the cashier, she even looked at me and said “Hey, what’s up with you!?” I said “Why?” And she replied, “You look fine! Something good happened?” YES: two weeks without my mother.





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