How To Use “Reader View” on Browsers

The “Reader View” on browsers, allows as to get a view of a webpage with a nice sans font, without sidebars or pop ups and, usually also free of ads.

It’s game changing! Most websites also allow us to print that reader view (to paper, or to export as a PDF file)

Reader View on Google Chrome

On Google Chrome, you’ll need to install an extension.

Go to the Google Store and search for a reader, or click here to get the results for “Reader”;

Reader View on Firefox

On Firefox, you’ve got two options:

  1. Check out Mozilla’s Tutorial (which teaches you how to access the reader on pages that allow you to do so)
  2. Install an extension

Reader View on Safari

On Safari, it’s easy as it can get!

Go to top menu > View > Show Reader.

Once you’re done with your reading, simply click on the escape key of your keyboard.