ADHD – The Ultimate Guide

No disorder; no deficit of attention; simply, a neurodiversity.

We are under a new paradigma. Many scientists and researchers have been discovering, as many neurodivergents are feeling, that the so-called Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder:

  • it’s not a disorder
  • there’s no deficit of attention

As you can imagine, creating an ultimate guide is not an easy task, specially when even thinking about planning makes our brain take off in the blink of an eye; but, I’m doing it! “behind the scenes.”

What Do You Want to Know?

With one question (regarding ADHD of course) that you can submit right here, you’ll be guiding me to help you! (and I’ll truly appreciate it)

What Can You Expect When I Publish It?

Another point of view, above all. I spent almost four decades undiagnosed, and even though I struggled I did achieve a lot; now, after having checked what’s being said on social media, dig into the “coach training” courses, I see that the message we are receiving is:

“It’s super hard to live with ADHD”

… and, I don’t think it is…

With this guide and the blog, my main purpose is to empower you, to make you feel that you can master your brain without buying fidgeting toys, “apps to freaking read?” and “else.”

As I’m working on this guide, you can check the following:

Last update: June, 2021

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