Peculiar Things About Me

My Brain Literally Collapsed

On 2017, after the last trauma I had experienced, I began noticing I couldn’t focus on anything (reading, watching a movie) for longer than 15 minutes, per day.

I couldn’t remember my own signature; that’s how bad I was. One day I went to the dentist, and when she handed me the health care form to sign, I froze; I had no idea how my own signature was.

Thinking I had early Alzheimer’s, I got all sort of studies done and I was told that I had “PTSD of a lifetime” and that “connections in my brain had broken.”

I refused treatment and medication; I recovered on my own.

I Trained My Brain to Recover From PTSD

After having endured a life time of trauma, with an undiagnosed ADHD, I had strategies that I knew could help me; so, I gave them a try. Here’s a couple:

  • I changed my environment, decorating my bedroom as it was during my teenage years when I felt “safe;”
  • I signed up to study! And I chose “abstract thinking” to not think about “things”. I took Web Development courses, and from 15 minutes per day, I reached three hours of focus

When I felt I couldn’t get pass those three hours, I kept researching. On 2019, I was formally diagnosed with ADHD and started treatment with Ritalin.

I Don’t Have a Birthday

On 2015, I discovered I was not biological related to the two loving humans who tried to raise me. The next year, I discovered they didn’t bother to ask when I had been born.

Sometimes I can joke about it saying, “Hey, I never turned 40”

You? Please don’t.

My Dreams Led Me to Succeed

Back in 1989 I fell for the New Kids On The Block…, so hard that I started learning English on my own so I could understand their lyrics. They became my safe heaven, my happy place, so when they split in 1994, I thought, “Someday, somehow.”

They reunited in 2008 and in 2012 they came to Argentina, giving me the rush of dopamine I needed. At the time, I was in an abusive marriage, depressed, without being able to work.

So! I started a blog for them, social media accounts, a YouTube Channel! I was doing it for fun, and to feel I “was doing something” And to make it “awesome”, I learned more about blogging, editing videos, photoshop. You name it.

Today, they are my brothers. The blog is the most successful one I have; I am happy and my own boss.