Living With ADHD… It’s a Journey

Hola! I’m Laly.
People always say I look younger…
I developed this blog for adults with ADHD,
because even though the journey can be difficult,
it is also the source of many strengths
that I hope you’ll find within you,
as I did.


For an hyper neurodivergent brain, purpose is the first thing we need to find. What is our calling, what can makes truly happy. Creativity is one of our super powers! So, with a little bit of help, I am positive you’ll find your purpose and start a journey towards that horizon you’ve always wanted to reach.


Do you know how your brain works? Do you know how to make it work for your purpose? Sometimes I feel my brain is like a toddler, and it can be very frustrating when I want to do “that thing” and all I get is a “Nope! Not Today”

Neuroscience, coaching strategies, funny anecdotes; in this survival kit we’ll pack everything we need.


Besides being properly diagnosed by a psychiatrist specialized in ADHD, sometimes we also the need the help of more people: a therapist, an ADHD Coach and even an ADHD friend with whom you can share your journey.

You can always seek for an ADHD friend to be your mirror, to help each other staying on track and motivated. Did you know this is actually “a thing?”


Achieving this, this blog, the strict routine to develop it and the courage to share my story, wasn’t easy… nor it is.

At the section Laly’s Blog, you’ll find my personal journey; I am a story teller above all, so that’s what I offer you there: stories for the soul and tips for the brain.

Humor, drama, brain hacks! Are you in?


As a wannabe screenwriter and cinephile, I find a lot of inspiration and motivation in movies, tv shows, TED talks.

I used to write about my reflections, and I’ll be doing it again occasionally.

If we’re going to have screen time, we need to make it worthy 😉