• ADHD Latest Research and News | Ed. 24/03

    Books on ADHD for adults, women, children, couples, strategies to succeed. In latest research: self-esteem, the impact of acute aerobic exercise, disability acceptance and more. Four open access papers!

  • ADHD Latest Research and News | Ed. 24/02

    ADHD may be an evolutionary advantage. ADHD symptoms: affect lability in adults and camouflaging. Understanding distractibility. Risk of dementia. ADHD pharmacotherapy.

  • ADHD Latest Research and News | Ed. 24/01

    ADHD diagnosis in adults. Famous people with ADHD. Coping with ADHD symptoms: Mind-wandering and Rumination; Decision Making. Wiring and ADHD. Comorbidities: Autism; Chronic Pain and Age. Pharmacotherapy.