Blogs About ADHD

A great way to understand ADHD is to read ADHD blogs; blogs written by people with ADHD where they mostly shared their struggles and how they cope with them.

Finding ADHD Blogs

Open a free account at; do it from (otherwise, you’ll be prompted to create a blog and else)

Download the app if you want to! It’s also free. Find it on Google Play and at the Apple Store.

Login and search for the tag #adhd; you’ll find numerous blogs of people just like you and me sharing their struggles, strategies and fun stories. There are many blogs written by parents too.

Plus, it’s a great place to engage more with other neurodivergents.

Neurodiversity and Judy Singer

At “An Open Letter to (Some) Neurotypicals“, I mentioned Judy Singer, the sociologist who came out with the word “Neurodivergent.” In 2016 she published the book NeuroDiversity: The Birth of an Idea, which if you have Kindle unlimited, you can read for free. But, she also has a blog! Neurodiversity 2.0, by Judy Singer