Can We Trust an ADHD Coach? My Nightmare at ADDCA

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[1] McCarthy Laura (2020) What Is an ADHD Coach. Attitude. URL: [Last Visit: October, 2020]

[2] I wrote about my need to write and read with Sans Fonts for a better legibility at “ADHD and the Use of Sans Fonts. Do They Make a Real Impact on the Legibility?”

[3] They offered me, the day before the beginning of the course, a file that was supposedly written in “Arial;” the file was broken and I couldn’t open it. Furthermore, if I would have been able to open it I wouldn’t have had the chance to create a proper index because it was secured. 

[4] The examples of wrong information provided in the ADDCA Manual are at “What You Are Read About ADHD Could Be Dangerous“.

[5] The manual brain metaphor is at “How to Drive a Manual Brain“.

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  1. Really curious about this experience. I’ve been on the fence for a while and just can’t find the right training company for this certification. I went to a seminar to learn more about it and the style wasn’t for me. However, most reviews are very good -yours has me intrigued…

    1. Hi Daniela,
      You know, I wrote a journal that I didn’t post yet regarding my experience; it just makes me sick to my stomach to recall the experience.
      I tried other academies, and the story ends up being the same.
      There’s a lot to say, which I couldn’t resume in a comment.. but I’ll continue posting about this.
      Just bear in mind that those “certifications” don’t come from an Institution that depends from the State.

      You can be an awesome coach without them.
      You don’t need a certification to be a coach.
      Just dig into the books, the research, your own experience.

      I hope you stick around for more!

  2. I’ve been trying to understand the ADDCA programs, but have been frustrated by the lack of real, useful information that describes how they really work.

    I’ve watched all the ADDCA promo videos, along with one somewhat tedious long-form video by the founder. I watched a dozen or so testimonial videos from people who are certainly enamored by the program, but in vague ways that, to me, don’t have much to do with helping other people. Sorry to say, but some of it feels almost cultish.

    Now, granted, I’ve never been good at dealing with the dogma of educational systems (especially proprietary ones), so I tend to react badly when I’m presented with this kind of thing.

    I’ve found a few other reviews besides your blog, but they are a little too ‘glowy’ — certainly nothing else critical. Honestly, at this point, I’m wondering what any of these training programs would really give me. Anyone have a good answer?

    1. Hi John…curious what you are thinking of doing with the program once completed? I can maybe help with an answer to what the program might offer to you with this extra info. I know some people are already therapists, etc. and are getting a coaching certificate to add to their business. Others are looking to switch gears and start their own business without being a therapist. Still others might be taking classes for more self understanding or to help a loved one. I’m on the fence as I’ve mentioned -this is a really difficult decision.

  3. Hi -I’m back! I abandoned this once again for a while but in helping my son with ADHD and looking for a new career with purpose, I find myself researching again. I did attend a seminar twice for ADDCA (two different years) and the communication style just wasn’t what I needed. I really do not like that the ADD is only referenced too -that has been out the window forever. Hoping I can make the right decision…

    1. Hi Daniela! I’m back too! 🙃
      I’m so sorry I couldn’t reply sooner.
      For what you say, I wonder, Do you have ADHD? If you don’t or don’t know: did you know that ADHD runs in families? If your son has ADHD, you or his dad may be ADHD too.
      That being said, there’s a test you can take – on your own – to help you screen if you’re ADHD; from that point on, you could make a consult with a doctor.
      I’ll make that test available here as soon as I can.
      Last but not least, here are two posts I thing you may enjoy to help you reflect on your purpose.
      How to Find a Purpose in Life
      How to Find Our Inner Voice: The “Top-Down” and “Bottom-up” Processing
      Warmly, Laly

      1. Hi Laly,
        Thank you so much for your candid and honest review of the program. I’m currently trying to find a good ADHD coaching program myself and was looking at ADDCA and iACTcenter. What programs do you recommend or have heard sound promising? I also feel jaded by institutionized education and don’t want to pay into something just to get those credentials after my name. Please please share your thoughts on better programs or courses. Thank you!

  4. So I’ve been thinking of doing the ADDCa course and came across this review, which makes me anxious. I’m a qualified social worker and was looking at doing this to specialise supporting families who experience challenges that come with ADHD…. does anyone recommend an alternative to this course? I’m a very evidence based kind of practitioner (which one would hope in a social worker) so I don’t want to throw my money away for something that isn’t up to scratch!

  5. It’s a shame you didn’t feel well served but I have to comment that the Simply ADHD course is not intended as any kind of coaching qualification, and it’s repeated throughout the class too.

    1. Hi Katherine!
      Of course it is a shame what I went through…
      Now, regarding what you say about the course not being intended as “coaching qualification”, I believe you misunderstood what I wrote… or even how the certification process works
      1) I wrote, and I quote, that the certificate I received says “… this student has completed 19.5 hours of Coach-Specific Training in Core Competencies, without testing (…).” and there was a test.
      2) The course is in fact part of a program, and those hours I completed, I can use them at their Academy or another one; they do count.
      I believe you had a good experience, and I’m glad you did.
      But it is not a course nor an academy, nor even a path, I would recommend to become an ADHD coach
      Maybe this post will clarify more all of this:
      ADHD Coach Training Path: Understanding Their History and Schema
      Welcome to the blog and, I hope you stick around!

  6. Hi there,
    I am an Coach of adults with ADHD – and am so sceptical of the coach training and certification “industry”. I am seeking a certification route, but:
    a. I am based in UK, so as I find every qualification programme is US based, the timings of course elements could be prohibitive to my completion
    b. this review has really shocked me – especially as the course prices are not at all small
    c. I am loathed to commit to approx $10k for a course in another timezone with such a poor review, to teach me probably (I reckon maximum) a few hours more knowledge on coaching and ADHD than I already know.
    [I have trained others to coach, and I have ADHD and am always reading up on the condition]

    I just wish I could find guidance to a course that is both accredited AND useful for my work – if I found one I KNEW fulfilled those criteria, I would even be willing to commit to every part being accessed online late at night…

    I would really welcome any suggestions of alternative accredited courses !!

    Thanks x

  7. Hello
    I am a 30+ year teacher with a bachelors and masters degree in education, and member of the professional teaching organization where I live. I have family members with ADHD and have been fascinated by it and their experience. Coaching really helped them & I I have been considering coach training at ADDCA but just had a feeling…SO expensive and looked a bit flimsy when I really dove into it. When I pay for education, I expect it to be high quality. This post has really caused me to put on the brakes! I would love to connect with you to find out more. I want to make sure I offer excellent service and support to clients; what is the best way to prepare?

    1. Hi Cindy, Welcome!
      I love what you’re doing and your commitment! I have a B. Ed too ☺️
      About putting on the breaks 😂… Just stop the car, get rid of the car LOL

      Best way to prepare?
      Please take a look at the posts under the tag #coaching; you’ll find a lot more info there
      I am “pro do it yourself”. We don’t need credentials!

      I believe I mentioned to someone (sorry, I have ADHD 🙃) that I’m about to launch something super cool for everyone who wants to become an “ADHD Professional”
      I do it all myself (even the WebDev), and I am going to show everyone how to do it (without procrastinating or wasting money and time) 😁

      Please check those posts I mentioned (the link will take you) and if you’d like to get in touch, of course!
      Most people reach me through LinkedIn or Twitter (I really do not like social media)

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