Ten Things to Do With ADHD During the COVID-19 Quarantine

Looking forward to write a list of things we could do – and finish – during these days at home, I googled to get some ideas; but there’s nothing much for us. We know why we procrastinate; we know the things we could list to do so we could seize these days; and we know that mortals’ list, don’t work for us ?

So I thought about sharing with you what I am going to do (even though I still have to work from home?). I hope you try at least one!

1. A Very Special Puzzle

Start a puzzle with the following rules: set a timer with the sound off for two minutes; place the timer next to the puzzle; set the timer on and see how many pieces you can find and place in that time; if by the third or fourth cycle you’re still checking the timer and haven’t hyper-focused: make an appointment with your doctor.

2. A Challenging List

Select a room in your house (for instance, the bathroom) and make a detailed list of all the things you need to take care of (for example, toss empty bottles of shampoo and that cream from 1997 you’re now thinking to use this weekend, etc.) Go and check, check, check!

3. Just Do It (It Will Grow Back)

Cut your hair following a YouTube tutorial; I did this one today! (I suggest you keep your head high…?)

4. Find Something to Prove People Wrong

People say that Machiavelli said “The end justifies the means,” and he didn’t. In his work “The Prince” (which I promise you, it’s eye opening) he wrote a parenthesis that’s considered – at least by one the wisest professors I had – as the most famous parenthesis in the history of Literature.

And in that parenthesis, he actually wrote:… (read the book and find it ?)

5. A Super Challenging and an Ultra-Super Challenging List

Select the kitchen and do the check list thing; I dare you. And /or, select your bedroom and do the check list thing; I dare you and raise you a hundred.

6. Create Something You Know You Are Not Good At (At All)

Announce on your social media you’re going to post a special thing on the 14th day: a creation of yours that you know you’re not good at, at all (for instance, I can’t draw… not even a smiley face)

The creation must respond to the topic “My 14-day quarantine”; it can be a blog; a poem; a drawing; a two-line joke; a scene with your legos! Whatever you want. You have 14 days to suck at this and the best part is: your people are going to be supportive (I know I will!) and it’s guaranteed fun for everybody. (And hey, maybe you’ll end up being awesome at it ?)

(I’ll post mine on my social media ?)

7. Something New!

Cook and try a foreign dish or … something; for instance, the Argentinian “dulce de leche!” which is like peanut butter but BETTER (it’s sweet, not salty and you are very welcome) Here’s an Argentinian in the UK explaining how to make it.

8. Something We’ll Cherish

Make a two column list of the things you like and dislike about yourself; find a celebrity to match each item. ? Did you know that Justin Timberlake and Michael Phelps have ADHD? (Now we know why they are ‘so’ awesome)

9. Something for ME ?

Find a video of an animal with a hilarious or really weird particularity; then, find one that tops the one you found; and then, for the love of God share it with me.

10. And Hey, Get Ready to Start Your Own Business!

Check out how I started blogging and coding and why this could be perfect for you:

And, stay safe. This world would be so boring without you ?

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