How Practicing Gratitude Changed My Life


[1] On Depression and ADHD

Dr. K told me that depression in people with ADHD, is not depression per se; it’s not a “clinical depression.” I had a lot of arguments with him about this, because I did try to take my life more than once; and one day he said something like, “But you got out, from one day to another, just like that; people with clinical depression, can’t do that.” If this is true or not, and if I agree with him or not, goes way beyond the scope of this post.

[2] On reacting “just like that”

There’s a lot written on ADHD and the “fight, flight or freeze” responses. I’ll come back to this on another post.

[3] Negative Bias and Behavioral Regulation

In simple terms, we could say the negative bias is the tendency to believe first that things are going to go wrong. It happens to everyone, but in people with ADHD is more difficult to manage due to our struggles with our behavioral regulation.

[4] On Brené Brown: There’s So Much More!

Her special is hilarious, empowering, and it has driven me to take action towards my purpose, a story that I’ll share on another post.

Watch Brené Brown’s TED Talk, “The Power of Vulnerability” (20 mins)
Watch on Netflix, Brené Brown’s “The Call to Courage” (1hr 15mins)


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