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Got My Ticket to Hell

April 12, 2020

Day of quarantine #24. How to talk to elderly during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Children of the Future

April 5, 2020

Day of quarantine #17. What future generations will know about the Covid-19 outbreak

The Scientist

April 2, 2020

Day of quarantine #14. How the quarantine affects a person with ADHD on methylphenidate treatment, and the things we say.

I’m Still Me

March 28, 2020

Day of quarantine: #9. How people react to the social distancing during Argentina’s COVID-19 quarantine

Sorry; I’m Argentinian

March 21, 2020

Day of quarantine: #2. On starting to deal with the coronavirus quarantine; how people are reacting and what did I miss…

Step One

March 20, 2020

Day of quarantine: #1. On Argentina’s coronavirus quarantine’s beginning; a writer’s wish to write history and the fear to suck.