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Whether you’re looking forward to get a full understanding on ADHD for yourself, someone close to you, or if you’re thinking about becoming an ADHD coach, books are the place to start.

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ADHD and Fonts

If you struggle while trying to read something you are actually interested in, it may have to do with the font style of the text.

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How to Install Google’s Sans Fonts

How To Use “Reader View” on Browsers


I am not a fan of “ADHD Apps.” What if you lose your phone by whatever reason? What if it crashes and etc?

I mention the apps as a last resource because the greatest tool we’ve got is our brain; we can train it, with books and blogs! and this way we’ll also feel stronger and more confident.

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ADHD Blogs

Another great way to understand what ADHD is, is to read them from people like me and you who share how is like to live a with an hyperactive brain.

With a free account on WordPress, you’ll be able not only to find countless blogs but also to join the community and be part of the Neurodiversity movement.

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