Here you can find books, blogs, apps and more, to learn more about Neurodiversity and ADHD.

Since this blog is still in diapers, I’ll update this toolkit eventually. Susbcribe for the updates!


Be Focused

This is the only app I use to help my capricious brain (besides my iCalendar, but, don’t we all do that?)

“Be Focused” is clean and easy to use an app that allows you to create tasks, keeping track of how much time you used with “intervals.” What I love about about this app, is that we can set “estimated intervals” (plan ahead) and has just enough features so we don’t spend time customizing it.

On a computer, you’ll have the timer hidden in top menu; click on it to display the app. And then…

There’s a free version and a pro version; the app is available Mac OS (iPhone, iPad, Mac), Windows and Android. You can download it from your own store or from the official webpage at

Books About Neurodiversity and ADHD

The Power of Neurodiversity: Unleashing the Advantages of Your Differently Wired Brain, by Thomas Armstrong PhD, was the first book my doctor gave me – from his library – saying, “read this now.” It’s eye-opening… Kindle and Paper Back versions are available on Amazon.

Executive Functions: What They Are, How They Work, and Why They Evolved,
by Russell A. Barkley. Also available on Amazon.

Barkley and Armstrong are “the” authors to read. Everything you can find about them (books, YouTube videos) get it, read it, watch it.

Blogs About ADHD

At “An Open Letter to (Some) Neurotypicals“, I mentioned Judy Singer, the sociologist who came out with the word “Neurodivergent.” In 2016 she published the book NeuroDiversity: The Birth of an Idea, which if you have Kindle unlimited, you can read for free. But, she also has a blog! Neurodiversity 2.0, by Judy Singer

Then, if you open an account at WordPress (which you can do for free), search for the tag #adhd and you’ll find numerous blogs of people just like you and me sharing their struggles, strategies and fun stories. Plus, it’s a great place to engage more with other neurodivergents.

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